The Threshold for the Exemption from the Obligation to Register with the Data Controllers Registry Has Changed!

According to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and the Regulation on the Data Controllers Registry, individuals and legal entities that process personal data are required to register with the Data Controllers Registry before initiating data processing. The Personal Data Protection Board (“Board”) may determine exemptions to the same obligation, considering factors such

The Regulation on the Use of Health Claims in Food and Supplements (“Regulation”) enteredinto force after being published in the Official Gazette on 20.04.2023.

As per the Regulation;o Nutrient : Refers to daily reference intake values for protein, carbohydrate, fat, fiber, sodium and vitamins and minerals, and substances that belong to or are elements of one of these groups,o Other element : Refers to elements other than nutrients that have a nutritive or physiological effect, o o o Statement

Amendments Under the 7th Package of the Judicial Reform

Within the scope of 7th Package of the Judicial Reform, Law Amending the Law on Enforcement and Bankruptcy and Certain Laws (“Law”) was enacted on 05.04.2023, with its publication in the Official Gazette on the same date. With this memorandum of understanding, significant amendments will be set forth, which were made through the Law. Turkish