Amendments Were Made in Certain Amounts With the Coming of the New Year

  1. Minimum wage for 2024 has been determined

According to the decision of the Minimum Wage Determination Commission (“Commission“) which was published in the Official Gazette dated 30.12.2023, and numbered 32415, the minimum wage to be applied from 01.01.2024, was determined as net TRY 17,002 (gross TRY 20,002.50). This amount will remain valid until 31.12.2024, unless the Commission renders a further decision.

For the decision of the Commission:

  • Judicial fees have been increased by the revaluation rate for 2024

With the General Communiqué on Fees Law (Serial No: 94) (“General Communiqué”) which was published in the Official Gazette dated 30.12.2023, and numbered 32415, fixed fees specified in the schedules attached to the Fees Law were re-determined and announced by calculating at the revaluation rate of %58.46.

For the General Communiqué:

  • The default interest rate and the minimum expense amount for the supply of commercial goods and services have been determined for 2024

The Communiqué on the Default Interest Rate Applicable to Late Payments in the Supply of Goods and Services and the Minimum Expense Amount to be Claimed for the Collection Costs of Receivables (“Communiqué“) was published in the Official Gazette dated 02.01.2024 and numbered 32417. With the Comminuqué, the default interest rate for late payments in the supply of goods and services has been determined as 48% and the minimum amount of expenses that can be claimed for the collection costs of the receivable has been determined as TRY 1.310 in accordance with Article 1530 of the Turkish Commercial Code numbered 6102, to be effective as of 01.01.2024. For the Communiqué: