Investigation was Initiated by the Competition Board Against Enterprises Operating in the Pharmaceutical Sector

An investigation was initiated by the Competition Board of Turkey with its decision dated 09.11.2023 and numbered 23-53/1004-M to determine whether the Law on the Protection of Competition numbered 4054, has been violated by enterprises, the majority of which operate in the pharmaceutical sector, in line with the announcement made on 30.11.2023. For the announcement:

Amendments Introduced in the Regulation on the Distance Contracts (“Regulation”)

Overall, provisional article 1 was added to the Regulation through the Amending Regulation, changing certain provisions’ enactment date from 01.01.2024 to 01.01.2025. Further, it was arranged that versions prior to the amendment in the Regulation dated 23.08.2022 will continue to apply until 01.01.2025. A comparative table demonstrating current versions of the said provisions, and versions