Empowering Discussions on Diversity & Inclusion

Our partner, Nazan Diri Bal, attended the highly prestigious GC Summit Çeşme which was held on June 10, 2023, as a moderator at the panel of “Diversity & Inclusion”. At this panel, such a crucial topic was thoroughly engaged which plays a pivotal role in fostering sustainability within companies. The panellists of Diversity & Inclusion contributed immensely to the exploration of this knife-edge subject, while the participants posed insightful questions, enriching the conversation further. By fostering diversity and inclusion, we unlock a world of opportunities, harnessing the strength of diverse perspectives and talents. We firmly believe that collaborative efforts can create a more sustainable and equitable future for all. As such, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the organizers for their boldness in opening up this valuable topic for discussion, and to the valuable panellists for generously sharing their knowledge and invaluable experiences with us, which have provided us with deeper insights and sparked new ideas.