Legal Alert re. Issuance of Signature Declarations Abroad

This Legal Alert aims at providing you with an update on an amendment as introduced by the Communique amending the Communique on Signing the AoAs at Trade Registry Directorates, published in the Official Gazette numbered 31193 and dated July 22, 2020 (the “Communique”).

Please note that this Legal Alert is intended for general information purposes only. No statement herein contains any opinion or professional legal advice.

As known, before the Communique, signatories located abroad were obliged to have their signature declarations issued before a Turkish Embassy/Consulate by paying a visit to the same in person – unless it was possible to declare the same before any trade registry in Turkey. In accordance with such rule, trade registries adopted a practice which did not allow submission of notarized and apostilled signature declarations issued abroad, and it was required for such signature declarations to be issued before a trade registry in Turkey or Turkish Embassy/Consulate located abroad.

As a result of the amendment, it is understood that the previous practice is again acceptable, which means the signature declarations of the authorized signatories located abroad can also be issued by approval of the competent authorities in accordance with the regulations in relevant country. In other words, it is no longer the only option to visit a Turkish Embassy/Consulate in order to have a signature declaration issued abroad and the translations of notarized and apostilled documents will again be accepted.